About Us

TARMAC appeared on the web in the summer of 2007.

In October 2014, our group became "TARMAC-AERO", our systems were replaced, our site and our management totally modified. From the start, our goal has always been to bring significant complementarity to aeronautical simulation. We do not see the latter as a game, we do not grant ranks and our staff members are very simply managers. We want our group's flights to be carried out with the seriousness required to pilot an airplane. Some of our members are actual pilots in working life and some are not, but all of them have joined our group simply as part of a common passion for us, aeronautical simulation. Our concept is above all to allow flights to be carried out freely by each of us.

We respect people, aeronautical procedures and network regulations (IVAO & VATSIM).

This is not contrary to the pleasure of user-friendliness that is always desired on all of our communications systems. The pilots in our group have several "tools" to share their technical knowledge in a good mood. They have a Discord and VaBase, the latter offering in particular written and voice communication in the network, but also off-network between all the global members using VaBase. Finally, our group is non-profit, we do not collect computer data, we do not use trackers, no robots, no advertising and our site is secure.

The choice of flights is free. We offer suggestions all over the world.

TARMAC-AERO, walk on earth with your eyes turned to the sky!

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