About Us

Tarmac-Aero was created in summer 2007, in France, by Bernard F.

In October 2014, our group became "TARMAC-AERO", our systems were replaced, our site and our management totally modified.
From the start, our goal has always been to bring significant complementarity to aeronautical simulation.
We want our group's flights to be carried out with the seriousness required to pilot an airplane.
Our concept is above all to allow flights to be carried out freely by each of us.

In 2018, Our CEO Bernard F., handed over the management of Tarmac-Aéro to Cédric C., pilot in Belgium and also Airfield Commander since 2006.

Cédric C. is therefore the current CEO and has the heavy task of maintaining, with his staff members, the good health and sustainability of the company.
New website in 2021, transition from Teamspeak systems to Discord, creation of a youtube channel, a Twitter page, an Instagram page...
Creation of several distinct flight departments within the company with their own logos and revamping of the colors of our aircraft.

Since its creation, the company has also been in operation on the IVAO/VATSIM networks and we provide the necessary tools to our pilots to carry out their missions.

The choice of flights is free. We offer suggestions all over the world.

TARMAC-AERO, walk on earth with your eyes turned to the sky!

We store the following data on our website (First name, Last name, birth date, nationality, IP address, email, IVAO's VID and VATSIM's VID)

Our VA pilots, whatever their country or nationality, have the right to access and/or delete all of the data mentioned above